Getting healthy food to where it’s needed most

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We’re proud to be entering our second year of partnership with New Zealand Food Network, an organization who do an extraordinary job in getting food to where it’s needed most, distributing donated food across the motu to our most vulnerable communities.   


New Zealand Food Network (NZFN) was set up as one simple solution to two major issues; to prevent good food ending up in landfill, and to address the rising rate of food insecurity in New Zealand. One in five children in New Zealand live in households without access to enough food. Since Covid started, NZFN’s Food Hubs have seen a massive 165% increase in the number of Kiwis needing food support. Meanwhile, 103,000 tonnes of food waste are generated by the commercial sector every year.   


NZFN connects supply with demand, preventing good food from going to landfill and redirecting it to communities who need it most. That’s where we come in! The high fruit specifications set out by retailers in New Zealand and abroad means there is always a portion of every crop that cannot be sold through traditional channels. “These fruits are still delicious and nutritious, and it can be devastating to see them go to waste” says Evan Heywood, Director at Golden Bay Fruit. “In the last few years, we have repurposed some of this cosmetically ‘imperfect’ fruit, launching our Stormy Fruit brand and juice range and are now excited to be adding NZFN donations to the mix, saving more good fruit and giving back to the communities who need it most.”  


Rising food prices means it’s hard for low-income families to access enough healthy food, with people ‘trading down’ to bulk foods, or cheap ultra-processed foods like instant noodles.  This makes apples a great addition to the NZFN mix, containing key nutrients like fiber and antioxidants, and offering a filling and nutritious snack with low calories.  


Golden Bay Fruit is donating between 3,000 and 7,000 kilograms of both apples and kiwifruit every week over a five-month period. NZFN manages the pickups and freight, consolidating stock in their Christchurch DC and then redistributing goods across dozens of Food Hubs all over the South Island. Regionally selected charitable organizations then distribute locally, these include social service agencies, food rescues, iwi and other charitable organisations, with any surplus going to schools.  


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