Forklift Operators

Apple Packhouse – Day shift

Key duties :

  • Ensures all forklift operating is undertaken competently and safely in accordance with the company’s forklift safety policy .
  • Undertakes daily pre-op checks of their forklift.
  • Ensures all unloading and unloading of trucks is undertaken safely and in accordance with the company’s truck driver safe zone policy.
  • Ensures all stacking of apple bins and packed product is undertaken in accordance with the company’s safe stacking policies.
  • Always monitor the safe operation of their forklift and communicates promptly with their manager if any faults are detected.

Day shift : Monday to Friday, 7.00 am to 5.00 pm

Joining on : Immediate

Job Site : 77 Queen Victoria St Motueka 7120

To apply or for further information contact: 

Email :

Phone : 027 770 0292